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When you are looking for a new position, remember to lean into your network.


Lean into your Network


One of the best things jobseekers can do is to reach out to their network and let them know that they’re interested in hearing about new opportunities.


I hear so many times that people don’t want to bother others or they’re embarrassed or they’re shy, or whatever the reason may be, and that’s understandable.

Everybody’s been there. We’ve all been in a situation where we’re looking for work and we need a little bit of help.


So reach out to everybody in your phone, everybody in your email address book, even relatives.


You’ll be surprised at the number of individuals that are not only willing to help and eager to help, but that may be able to offer an introduction to one of your target companies.


With that said, make sure to include those target companies. It doesn’t have to be an extensive list and you don’t even need to provide your reasoning on why those are your target companies necessarily. But it’s a good talking point.

What is the best way to ask my network for an introduction?


You may consider contacting your network stating “I’m looking at new opportunities. Here’s a little more about my professional background. Here are five target companies that I would love to work for. If you or anybody that you know has any introductions that they are able to make for me, or any inroads, I greatly appreciate it. Please let me know how I can repay the favor.” That type of message will go a very long way. Good luck!

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