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Writing effective job postings


Writing effective job postings is an important part of finding the right candidate for the job when you decide to go about it on your own.


What should a job posting include?


Well written job listings include a highlight of what it would be like to work in your organization, allowing the candidates to imagine themselves there. They should be written as a true reflection of your culture and what to expect in the day to day in the job itself, rather than just something catchy written by your PR or communications team.


By asking your top performers what they enjoy most about their work or about the company, you can gain insight as to your unique offerings. Benefits and time off are important, of course, but focusing on the areas outside of what is listed within your benefits package that drive your employees to show up everyday and perform is most impactful.


What makes a job posting attractive to a candidate?


Far too often companies simply post the formal job description and hope that it entices the right candidate to hit the apply button. Including the job responsibilities is important, as is writing about how performing those responsibilities will impact the business. Candidates have shared that they are more compelled to apply to jobs when there is a sense of how they will fit in, how they will feel they will belong, and how they may be able to make a difference. Steer away from using catch phrases, jargon, or overly complex words. Communicate the company’s mission, vision, and values in a clear, concise, and genuine manner.


Does your posting have a commonly used job title?


Ensure that you post a commonly used title that will attract the talent you are targeting. Some companies create unique job titles for their employees. If you go that route, when posting the job, ensure that you include the more traditional position titles within the body of the copy.


Most candidates seeking new opportunities will search first for relatable job titles, then location, and industry. If you are offering remote or hybrid work, refer to your flexibility as an employer.



By following these tips you can create a job posting that will help attract the right candidates and find a good fit for your organization. It’s good to keep in mind that job postings won’t always attract the right talent, no matter how well done as you are limiting the candidate pool to those who are openly seeking work at that moment. Proofread, correct any grammatical errors, add your company logo, and send it out to your network!

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