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What Should Be On Your Résumé


Do you know what should be on your résumé? Most be have the basics, but there are often important things that are missed.


Head Hunter Hints from Gehl Search Partners

There’s a misperception about what information should be listed on your résumé.


Your résumé is actually a factual advertisement for you and your brand as an individual, what you’ve accomplished, and how you’ve made an impact, no matter how large or small.


Whatever you’ve done to move forward that business or that department, however you made an impact you’ll want to speak about it.


What you don’t wanna do is just simply list all of the jobs you’ve ever had and all of the responsibilities that are listed on the job descriptions.


The best resumes have a combination of both.


You’ll be able to speak to the accomplishments that you’ve made while performing those job responsibilities.


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