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Wondering why headhunters say job candidates should write a thank you note?


Gehl Search Partners believes job candidates should always write a thank you note. We advise candidates to take the time to write out a thoughtfully written thank you note to the person who interviewed them. Even if the candidate feels the interview revealed the current opening is not a fit for them, we still advise the candidate to send the thank you note.



Here are the top 3 reasons job candidates should write a thank you note:

1. You may just stand out in their mind, and… in their email when they use the search function as they have another hiring need. I can’t tell you the number of times that has worked out in my favor and in the candidate’s favor.
2. Some hiring managers feel strongly about receiving thank-you notes. When you don’t, it may put undue worry in their mind about your ability to follow up, and also if you are truly interested in the opportunity.
3. It may be the tiebreaker. Sometimes there are two really strong candidates that the hiring manager has to choose from and that thoughtfully written thank you note resonated with the hiring manager, and they no longer have any doubts about who they want to hire.
In my typical tell-like-it-is style, it never hurts to write a thank-you email. The worst-case scenario is that you don’t get the job. The best-case scenario is that you do get the job. Just write it. There’s no downside!
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