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Not all recruiters will tell you this, but yes, candidates should work with multiple recruiters.


Candidates should work with multiple recruiters


Many times candidates will say, “Don’t worry I’m only utilizing you. I won’t work with any other recruiters.”


As much as I love that, loyalty goes a long way, it actually isn’t what I would suggest for you to do or for any job seeker to do.


Pick a handful of recruiters that really makes sense. Whether they are niche recruiters that fit in directly to the industries that you work in, and want to continue to work in–or whether they’ve been highly recommended by colleagues and friends of yours.

I would pick three, four, five–however many you feel comfortable working with–and just rule of thumb is making sure that you keep everything confidential.


When we call you about an opportunity it should be given that what we’re discussing with you is confidential just as we would hope that you know that whatever you tell us is confidential as well.


So as long as you’re keeping track of where your resume has been sent, both through your own means and efforts as well as those recruiters that you’re working with, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with working with multiple recruiters and it’s something that I would definitely suggest.


Because most of us work on very different things and so you’ll cast a wider net that way for opportunities for yourself.


Open up your opportunities with recruiters.


Also, some of us partner together. So if you don’t know some but you know others of us you’re still opening up your network to opportunities outside of our company as well.

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