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Keep Your Candidates Interested


It is important to not only attract the right candidates, but also to keep your candidates interested.


Head Hunter Hints from Gehl Search Partners


One of the most important parts of growing your business is by bringing on the right staff and executives.


One of the things that I’ve heard from many candidates is that they’ve lost interest in an opportunity in a company that they were very interested in initially. And most of the time this is due to a lack of response or a lack of communication on that company’s behalf or on that hiring manager’s behalf.


So many times companies accept resumes, call candidates in very quickly for that initial interview. Then they go quiet or they go dark for a couple of weeks. Those candidates may call, email, text to check in. Half the time they don’t receive a response at all. And I understand this. I’ve worked in house. I know how incredibly busy it gets.


However the downside to that is that candidate, that was so incredibly excited about the opportunity, and your hiring managers, or you yourself may have been very very excited about them as well, without you really having done anything purposely, you created a scenario where you now have to win them back.


On the flip side when you’re working with an executive recruiter, that’s our job. Outside of finding you that great talent that fits the role that you’re looking to fill, we’re also keeping them informed engaged.


Even if there isn’t an update that you’ve given the recruiter that recruiter knows the importance of keeping that candidate interested in your company. And they’ll share tidbits, they’ll share news articles.


There’s so many different things that we do just to ensure that your company remains in good standing in that individual’s mind. So next time that you’re looking to fill a role, you may consider utilizing an outside recruiter.


If things are already tight in terms of bandwidth, there may be more harm done than you foresee by not having the time to really truly engage and communicate with those candidates over the timeframe that it takes to bring on a good hire.


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